Pokemon go gloves

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Pokemon go gloves

Adopt the style of a real trainer with these Pokemon go gloves.

Their shape will allow you the ability to use your fingers freely while keeping your wrists and palms covered all winter.

Completely black, these mittens use the Pokemon geolocation logo so known by fans of the Pokemon Go application.

Wear them proudly to show that you too are active players and make your opponents tremble during battles. arena and during raids.

Looking for mittens to protect your hands from the cold and stay warm all winter? Do you prefer the mitt style to allow you to keep a certain freedom of use of your fingers, especially for your phone? Do you love the Pokemon universe?

Then these Pokemon go gloves are exactly what you need!

Characteristics of these pokemon go gloves

  • Keeps hands warm in style
  • Pokemon design by 3D printing
  • Made from 100% organic cotton fibers
  • Stretch gloves for all sizes